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Posted on: May 13, 2019

Third-graders decide 'pressing' issue at mock commission meeting


By DONNA B. STINNETT, City of Henderson Public Information Officer

HENDERSON, Ky. -- The items on the agenda for the “commission” meeting were pressing and controversial.

To be considered:

  • Should everyone be allowed to bring their pets to school?
  • Would it be better to have fewer choices at lunch and keep it free or have more choices and charge everyone $1?
  • Should everyone who scores 100 percent on a reading test be rewarded with a soft drink and a candy bar?

Surprisingly, and after some thoughtful debate on the pros and cons, pets won’t be allowed at school, everyone will have to pay $1 for lunch and there will be no candy and soda for those who ace the reading.

All of these hot topics were dealt with at a mock City Commission meeting that took place in the real City of Henderson Board of Commissioners Assembly Room during a downtown field trip for third-graders from East Heights Elementary School in early May.

City Commissioner Brad Staton and Mayor Steve Austin gave the students a basic civics lesson in how City government works before the visiting citizens elected a Mayor and seated four commissioners, a city attorney, a city manager and a city clerk to help decide the matters on the agenda.

Two citizens were drafted to be on the “pro” side and the “con” side of each issue, and then the students talked it out and decided what they wanted to do.

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