Lienholder Notification System

Code Enforcement Final Orders

The City of Henderson maintains a notification system that provides lien holders, and others that elect to do so, with electronic notification of all final orders issued by the City's Code Enforcement Board pursuant to KRS 65.8801 to 65.8839.

​At least once a month, the City sends electronic mail notification of all final orders issued since the last date of notification to each registered party.  Interested persons may register for this electronic notification by signing up for the Notify Me function of the City's website using the following link. Notify Me

​A lien holder of record may, within forty-five (45) days from the date of the issuance of notification through electronic mail, correct the violation if it has not already been abated, or elect to pay all civil fines assessed for the violation and all charges and fees incurred by the City in connection with the enforcement of the ordinance, including abatement costs, in order to maintain lien preference.  If the preceding action(s) are not taken, the City of Henderson will obtain and maintain the lien priority over previously filed liens except liens for state, county, school board and city taxes pursuant to KRS 65.8835.

​Please contact Dawn Kelsey, City Attorney, at (270) 831-1200 if you have any questions regarding the City's Code Enforcement Board and/or final orders.

​An archive of all final orders issued can be found by clicking the link to the right.

New Final Orders

Below is a list of addresses of all properties receiving a final order since the last date of notification. Each final order listed below has the ability to be appealed within thirty (30) days of the date the order was issued pursuant to KRS 65.8831. Each address will link to a copy of the final order issued.  Some final orders will contain more than one violation.

Property Address
Property Owner
Section(s) in Violation
0 Old Madisonville Rd #56-27Ramona Bonner302.4 / Weeds
1010 Pringle StreetPauline Skaggs Estate302.4 / Weeds
1014 Pringle StreetGeorge A III & Lori Skaggs302.4 / Weeds
1032 First StreetAngele Carter & David Greene302.4 / Weeds
1038 First StreetMarc A. & Kana M. Greubel302.4 / Weeds
1140 Clay StreetJackie Gilbert302.4 / Weeds
118 S. Alvasia StreetCori L. Coke302.4 / Weeds
1200 Helm StreetKevin M. & Angela D. McKay302.4 / Weeds
301.3 / Vacant structures and land
1209 Glengary WayStanton P. Speer302.4 / Weeds
123 Hicks StreetSharon S. Dugas302.4 / Weeds
1304 Powell StreetDexter Ray Lewis Jr. Est302.4 / Weeds
1330 Pringle StreetEdward Ferguson Jr.302.4 / Weeds
137 Dekemper DrivePhyllis Clemons Est302.4 / Weeds
1409 O'Byrne StreetRandy Keach302.4 / Weeds
1411 O'Byrne StreetRandy Keach302.4 / Weeds
1437 Loeb StreetRonald Shelton302.4 / Weeds
1518 Roosevelt StreetCharles Gibson15-1 / Clutter
302.1 / Exterior property sanitation
15-23 / Nuisance vehicles
308.1 / Rubbish and garbage
301.3 / Vacant structures and land
302.4 / Weeds
1528 Bailey StreetDorotha Stone Est302.4 / Weeds
1530 Oak StreetEdgar E. Farley II Est302.4 / Weeds
1611 Powell StreetAgnes Wilson302.4 / Weeds
1615 Powell StreetAmy J. Spainhoward302.4 / Weeds
1915 Sutton DriveUS Bank Trust TT for LSF9 Mstr Parti302.4 / Weeds
203 Hicks StreetAnna Mae Williams Est302.4 / Weeds
210 Walnut LaneLinda Loney Est302.4 / Weeds
216 Walnut LaneLinda Loney Etal302.4 / Weeds
222 S. Adams StreetClarence Herbert Est302.4 / Weeds
2310 Adams Lane #3PAYNLAMB Inc.108.1.3 / Structure unfit for human occupancy
2310 Adams Lane #3PAYNLAMB Inc.304.13.1 / Glazing
2359 Dundonnell DriveBryan G. Henshaw302.4 / Weeds
238 S. Ingram StreetTLR-V-LLC302.4 / Weeds
2453 Green River Rd #ANoel R II & Lei Antoinette Canlas504.1 / Plumbing systems (general)
304.7 / Roofs and drainage
28 Meadow StreetMary Jane Royster Est302.4 / Weeds
308.1 / Rubbish and garbage
3086 Mimosa DriveMichael Niswonger15-1 / Clutter
302.1 / Exterior property sanitation
15-23 / Nuisance vehicles
302.5 / Rodent harborage (exterior)
308.1 / Rubbish and garbage
301.3 / Vacant structures and land
414 S. Ingram StreetDavid & Deborah Crowe302.4 / Weeds
420 Frances DriveGeorge T. Parish302.4 / Weeds
423 Plum StreetArlene Robinson Est302.4 / Weeds
426 Cherry StreetRoseanna M. Dodson304.13.1 / Glazing
304.9 / Overhead extensions
302.5 / Rodent harborage (exterior)
304.7 / Roofs and drainage
304.10 / Stairways, decks, porches, balconies (exterior)
301.3 / Vacant structures and land
304.13 / Window, skylight, door frames
431 S. Alves StreetEdna Bell Est302.4 / Weeds
449 S. Adams StreetGiles & Mattye Alves Est302.4 / Weeds
451 S. Adams StreetGiles Alves Est302.4 / Weeds
454 S. Alves StreetBessie Hancock Heirs302.4 / Weeds
456 S. Alves StreetJames R. Hughes Jr. Etal302.4 / Weeds
5 Winstead AvenueJoshua Cobb15-1 / Clutter
308. / Rubbish and garbage
302.4 / Weeds
15-23 / Nuisance vehicles
503 Powell StreetWilliam J. & Sandra B. Payne302.4 / Weeds
507 S. Ingram StreetDawn R. Chambers302.4 / Weeds
508 Letcher StreetOllie Ervin Est302.4 / Weeds
525 Gabe StreetD & L Assoc LLP302.4 / Weeds
525 N. Alves StreetLeonard Bushrod Est302.4 / Weeds
528 Lambert StreetViola Ware302.4 / Weeds
530 Lambert StreetClarence E. Gregg302.4 / Weeds
605 Sixth StreetJune E. Simms Est302.4 / Weeds
606 Martin DriveTammy Malcom302.4 / Weeds
608 Graves DriveBilly W. Wells Sr.302.4 / Weeds
650 Seventh StreetJames Stewart Est15-1 / Clutter
302.1 / Exterior property sanitation
302.5 / Rodent harborage (exterior)
308.1 / Rubbish and garbage
302.4 / Weeds
712 Letcher StreetTSE Investments LLC302.4 / Weeds
918 Center StreetRandy Keach302.4 / Weeds

Final Orders Under Appeal

Final orders listed below are under appeal to the Henderson County District Court.  Each address will link to a copy of the final order.
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