Community Development


Located in the east entrance of the Public Safety Building on Barret Court, the Community Development Division plans, manages, and ensures federal compliance of the City of Henderson’s Community Development Block Entitlement Grant (CDBG) and HOME funds and secures project financing. This office also assists with writing various grants for other projects delineated by the assistant city manager, such as TEA, Safe Routes to School, and Recreational Trails grant funding.



Public Notice

The City of Henderson will  hold public hearings to allow citizens to review and comment on the Consolidated Plan and Annual Performance Report. Click here for a list of locations, dates and times of the public hearings and/or to view the entire public notice.            
 The City of Henderson suppports Equal Housing Opportunity and its commitment to nondiscrimination.
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The majority of the grant funds administered by the Community Development Division are through CDBG funds, which are funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and HOME funds, which are funded by the Kentucky Housing Corporation. Main areas of the CDBG program assist eligible low- to moderate-income households / persons with housing needs and provide neighborhood infrastructure improvements, public service enhancements, and public facility improvements.

The City of Henderson is an entitlement community and receives funding each year. However, the Community Development Division must prepare and submit to HUD a consolidated plan, which is a five-year plan identifying community needs and strategies to address those needs. The Community Development Division must also submit an annual action plan that identifies specific projects to be undertaken the upcoming year, along with an annual year-end report identifying activities completed.


The Community Development Division is responsible for client intake, client consultations, financials, contract preparation, labor compliance, environmental compliance, submission of a sundry of federal reports, fair housing administration, bid development, procurement, federal compliance with civil rights acts, lead-based paint issues, and other functions related to the successful management of CDBG and HOME grants.

Recent Projects

  • William Newman Park enhancements
  • Gymnasium floor at John F. Kennedy Community Center
  • McKinley Street sidewalks connecting to WARM Center
  • Housing reconstruction
  • World Changers