Mass Transit

A Word about Henderson Area Rapid Transit (HART)
HART was created in 1957 as a publicly owned mass transit system, of which all citizens who live in the City of Henderson are part owners.

In keeping with our policy to provide the citizens of Henderson with the best possible service within current budgetary constraints, HART has continued to make improvements in equipment and facilities. The HART transfer point located at Third and Main allows passengers to transfer buses conveniently. HART has introduced new accessible vehicles that meet the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. HART will continue to replace the fleet with accessible vehicles as the current fleet exceeds its useful life.
HART Building.JPG
It is HART’s responsibility to:
  • Provide transportation for as many citizens as possible in the service area
  • Inform the public of our existing routes, as well as new or improved services
  • Coordinate and plan routes and schedules
  • Keep a constant check on the effectiveness of our service
For Assistance
Our telephone information center is open during the weekdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Just call (270) 831-1249 or TDD (270) 831-1249. Our information clerks are always willing to help you find your way. When you call, be sure to state where you wish to board the bus, your destination, and the time of day you wish to make the trip.

A Word About Your Driver
Your driver is an experienced professional who has thousands of miles of driving experience. Drivers also have a special understanding of the entire HART system. If you have any questions regarding routes or procedures, just ask your friendly HART driver.

Additional Information